Frequently Asked Questions & General Information | Slovenski Camps
Frequently Asked Questions & General Information | Slovenski Camps

Frequently Asked Questions

Most Common Questions

What should I bring to camp / Where is the packing list?

click here to visit the packing list page

How much does camp cost?

Visit the program specific page (eg. Athena Camp) and click pricing, or view the Full Summer Calendar. Generally our programs are $995 per week regular, or $795 per week the first two weeks of the summer.

Covid 19

Visit our covid page for more details. We will follow the state health program's guidelines for summer camps, but they change frequently.

When will I get more information about camp after registering?

You can view all of the info you will receive now, or wait until we begin sending more emails at the beginning of the summer. Most emails come in the final week before camp.

What about sick campers?

Any camper who is sick before camp should stay home, and will get 100% credit for a later camp week. The credit can be used in the summer of 2020, or 2021.

Campers rarely get ill at camp. But when they do get sick, we isolate them in one of the infirmary isolation bed rooms until they can be picked up to go home. Campers who have to leave camp early because of sickness receive pro-rated camp tuition credit for a later week. The credit can be used in 2020 or 2021.

Can my camper be in the same cabin with their friends?

We make the cabin lists by grade. You may submit a roommate request with your reservation through your profile, but we may not meet it.

  • If you are the same age as your friend, you may end up together.
  • If you are more than a grade apart, you will probably not be in the same cabin
  • Most cabins have two different grade level campers.
  • A few cabins have campers from three different grades.
If it is imperative that your camper be in a cabin with a certain friend, this is not the camp for you. We arrange the cabins as best we can to promote cabin spirit and camaraderie. Though your child may want to be in a cabin with a different age friend, it can hurt the cabin culture to have a large mismatch of ages.

You can also check out the full camp schedule for the framework that all the programs follow each day. Even if you are not in the cabin with your friend, you can be with them during most periods of the day.

What discounts can I get?

This year you can get $100 off for referring a new camper. The referral discount can be applied for the referral of a sibling who has never attended. You can also get $1000 off for attending 8 weeks or $400 off for attending 4 weeks.

Can my child use a cell phone at camp?

No. We do not permit campers to use cell phones.

Campers may not call home during the session. We cannot put you on the phone to check up or say hi. If there is an emergency, we will contact you when appropriate. If you need to send a message to your child, please email us and we will pass it on.


Can I see a calendar of all the sessions?

Yes. Click here for a full summer calendar

When is the balance of tuition due?

June 1st.

What discounts do you offer?

What is your refund policy?

Read our deposit and refund policies on the Refunds Page.

Travel & Check In

When is check in?

Check-in is from 3pm-4:30pm Saturday.

When is check out / pick up?

Check-out is from 10 - 11am 9:30 - 10:30am Saturday. This gives us more time to clean and ventilate between sessions. If may pick up your camper a little later, but please email to let us know when you plan to come.

Some campers go home Friday night. Parents picking up their kids Friday should come at 7 to help pack up before campfire starts at 8. In 2021 there will not be a parent campfire, but in other years there is.

Visit the Final Campfire Page for more information about the parent campfire on the last night of camp.

How do I get to camp?

Address for GPS Units: 25 David Plummer Rd / Raymond, ME 04071

There are two Plummer Roads in Raymond. We are on 25 DAVID Plummer Road. Be sure to type 25 DAVID Pummer Road into your gps. If you do not type "David Plummer" the gps will take you to Plummer road, which is the wrong road

Some GPS units will tell you to turn off of 121 onto Panther Pond Pines Rd. This is incorrect. Once you are on Rt. 121, keep going until you get to David Plummer Rd. GPS units think that Panther Pond Pines Rd connects with David Plummer Rd, but it does not. Turn right off of Rt 121 directly onto David Plummer Rd. There will be a white sign with blue lettering for camp.

Driving Directions to Camp

Plane/Train/Bus Information

Can you pick up my kid at the airport?

Yes, we offer free rides to and from the airport, bus station, and train station for campers arriving from far. We are pretty flexible with time, but we'd prefer you choose sometime between 9am and 9pm.

Shuttle requests are made by email to . It is free for campers arring by plane, train or bus

Where can parents stay near camp?

We have a few brief recommendations on our accommodations page. We suggest you search the area for places to match your interests and price range.

For motels and hotels nearby with reviews, please see this Google Maps Page

Packing & Preparation

What to Bring / Packing List

Please visit the Packing List Page for suggestions.

Can campers use cell phones?

No. We do not permit campers to use cell phones.

We do not allow campers to call home on counselor phones. We do not allow parents to call camp to talk to their kids.

What should I NOT bring?

Please see our Packing List Page for information on what to pack

Can I bring snacks?

Yes, but any snacks must be in sealed containers and should not contain large amounts of peanut butter or nut products.

What forms should I bring to camp?

Health form with immunization record, Release form, and Waiver

Visit the Forms Page for information

*Note: a copy of a school athletic physical complete with immunization record and doctor's signature may be substituted for the health form.

What is your fax number?


If I came to camp earlier this summer, do I need to bring the forms again?

No. We keep forms from week to week. Tell them at check in that you came earlier and brought the forms then.

What type of luggage can I use?

Pretty much any type of luggage is fine. Some examples include trunks, duffle bags, plastic bins, tote bags, plastic storage drawers, roller luggage, and backpacks. Whatever works for you is okay with us.

Food Allergies

What if my camper has a food allergy?

We have many campers with food allergies. The cooking staff is well prepared to provide plenty of alternatives and a safe dining environment. Campers & parents meet with the nurse and cook at checkin to discuss details. We label all dishes with allergens, and try to choose simple recipes & products that do not contain unnecessary ingredients.

Camp is not a nut-free environment. The dining hall serves some dishes and products containing nuts, and campers are allowed to bring snacks with nuts.

We have a nurse or wilderness first responder on staff, along with many counselors certified in first aid and the use of epipens. We do have epipens on site in case of an emergency.

Campers with food allergies or medical issues should contact Peter Slovenski at

From the parent of a camper with food allergies: "Alex said he felt just as safe at camp with his peanut allergy as he does at home. Thank you so much for creating such a great environment for him with his allergy, it’s such a relief to know that he feels so comfortable, and has so much fun."
-Abigail Labbe,

What food do you serve at camp?

We have all sorts of simple foods. We are prepared for picky eaters. Check out our basic menu for a rough idea of what will be served:
Camp Menu


What if my child needs medicine during camp?

We have a nurse on staff full time. She must hold and administer medicine. She will be at check in to collect medicine and talk to parents. All medicine must be in original prescription containers with instructions. Call if you have more questions.

Sending Mail

Can I send mail to my camper?

Please do not send mail or packages to campers. The mail system between the Raymond Post office and our camp is very slow, and it usually will not make it to us in time. You can give us any mail for them at check-in and we will deliver it mid-week.


Can a camper stay at camp between two sessions?

Yes. Intersession is free. After a little free time, campers eat lunch from 12:15 - 45. Then from 1 - 3 they change cabins if necessary, clean up, and take an extended rest hour. After that campers go tubing behind the motor boat if they wish and the weather permits. Intersession may also include some light camp improvement work like raking. From 3 to 4:30 during the next session check in period, intersession campers help meet and orient new campers.

Is there laundry?

Yes. Campers who stay two or more weeks may use our laundry service free of charge. They are required to use our bright green laundry bags which will be picked up on Saturday and returned Sunday with clothes washed, dried and folded. In the event of a misplaced bag, reimbursement by the camp will be limited to $100, to cover lost shorts, t-shirts, socks and underwear. Please do not send expensive or irreplaceable clothing to camp.

If a laundry emergency takes place, we also have a washer & dryer on site which can be used with the help of a counselor. Examples include forgetting to pack multiple shirts or spilling gatorade into a duffle bag.


Can I just pay a deposit?

Yes. On the profile page, click the button that says "pay a deposit by credit card" to pay a $150 deposit. Full payment is due June 1st except by request.

What if I need to switch to a different week?

We can easily make switches between weeks as long as the week you are switching into is not full. Please email us to request

What is your refund policy?

We are happy to refund you up until 10 days before your camp session starts for any reason. We can either give you tuition credit for next summer, or a cash refund of all but a small fee./p>

Please read our refund policy

Please contact Dave Slovenski for refund inquiries.

Campus Map

Parent References

Do you have any parent references?

Yes. Please visit our facebook page to read reviews

Employer Identification Number

I am trying to file my taxes. What is your EIN?

27 - 131 - 2684

Miscellaneous Questions

What do you do when it rains?

We have several large indoor buildings where campers can play board games, cards, make frienship bracelets, or play ping pong. Campers play more active games in the Colosseum such as volleyball or indoor soccer. If there's a longer period of rain, we often show a movie in the Colosseum on the projector. If there is no thunder and it is warm enough, we may continue playing some outdoor games, such as swimming or slippery scatterball, through the rain.

What do you do if there's a severe storm?

The Colosseum is the camp storm shelter. It was constructed in 2016. The parking lot surrounds the building so there are not any large trees that could fall on it. It comfortably holds the entire camp. During a storm, we gather in the Colosseum and watch a movie.

Is there any sort of religious service?

Yes. We offer an ecumenical chapel service on Sundays. Attendance is optional. Themes vary week to week and include gratitude, generosity, charity, and honesty. The program includes worship, reflection, and teaching.

What activities do you offer besides those in the sample schedule?

We have an activity database that includes some of the options offered each period and during free times. This list is abbreviated, but has most of the main games and serves as a good sample:
activity database

Is Camp Coed?

Yes. Most of the activities are open to everyone. All the camp programs (see the calendar for concurrent programs) eat in the same dining hall, play the evening activity choices together, and share free times including swimming. Boys are not allowed near the girl cabins and vice versa.

You can also check out the full camp schedule for the framework that all the programs follow each day, and see which activities are mixed and which are by group.

What is Jazz Friday?

Jazz night is a dinner concert. A counselor jazz band plays while campers eat. Some counselors dress up, and some campers find it fun to dress up too.

Check out the Jazz Nightpage for more information and a video

Do you have a counselor in training program?

Yes. We accept a few CITs per week on an individual basis. Tuition is discounted by $200. Campers must be 15. Please check out the CIT page for more information.

Do you offer any scholarships?

No. We price our camps competitively while running the best camp we can. We have early season pricing at the end of June, along with referral discounts.

Many independent agencies and towns offer scholarships for summer camps. We recommend searching the web for scholarships for which you may be eligible, but we know of one that may apply to many of our campers:

More Questions? E-mail