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A Day at Beach Volleyball Camp

Each day features two training sessions and some traditional camp activities. Each training session is split into several smaller periods of drills, games, and competitions.. Follow along below to see what's in store during a typical day at camp.

8 AM

Reveille & Morning Dip

Every day starts with reveille. Many campers choose to take a morning dip in Panther Pond. Nothing wakes you up and gets you ready for the day better than a refreshing swim. Besides feeling clean, you'll earn a campfire point for your cabin if you go all the way under. Not much for swimming? Don't worry, we also have hot showers :)

Three girl campers diving into the lake from a floating dock
8:15 AM


A hearty breakfast with hot and cold options served in the dining hall. Main entrees include classics like scrambled eggs, waffles, and french toast. Hot sides like bacon, muffins, sausage, oatmeal and home fries are available almost every day. Everyday options include bagels & cream cheese, toast with butter, jam, or peanut butter, fresh fruits, cereal with milk, and yogurt with granola and berries. Drinks include orange or apple juice, milk and chocolate milk, and water. Health conscious campers will have plenty of options to suit their diet, and even picky eaters will find a filling meal every morning.

9:30 AM

Volleyball Training

Campers learn a variety of skills and practice them during fun and creative drills. Water breaks, mini games, and brief lectures are built into the morning session.

Campers learn technique from coaches on the sand courts.
11:30 AM

Free Swim

Splash around in the refreshing lake water during any free swim period. With plenty of water toys, tubes, two docks to dive from and a water-basketball hoop, you’ll never run out of things to do. The lake is normally around eighty degrees - warm but still refreshing. Our lifeguards are Red Cross certified and always on the watch to prevent dangerous events before they happen.

Campers building sandcastles on the beach at the waterfront
12:15 PM

Lunch Buffet

Grab lunch from the buffet serving line. Lunch features a hot entree with many side options. Hot entrees include dishes like grilled cheese, Italian sandwiches, pizza, hot dogs, and pulled pork. A salad bar is available at every lunch and dinner, as are peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, fresh fruit, and milk. Campers sit at long dining tables supervised by counselors helping them improve manners and table conversation.

Campers going through the buffet line during lunch
1:00 PM

Rest Hour

Take some much-needed rest and relaxation in between activities during Rest Hour. Get ahead on summer reading, borrow a book from the camp library, or sleep. There's nothing like reading in a cabin with the sound of the waves on the beach outside. Many campers take a nap to recharge for the afternoon session.

Campers reading in their cabin during rest hour
2:00 PM

Free Time

Free time to play tetherball, swim, play volleyball, shoot hoops, hangout, or play many other games around camp. Free time is unstructured, so it gives kids a chance to be kids in a safe but independent atmosphere. The games are patrolled for bullying and unfairness but campers are encouraged to resolve disputes themselves and to be inventive and intelligent in their free time choices.

A camper serving up a volleyball at the beach
2:30 PM

Volleyball Practice

The afternoon is full of volleyball mini games, challenges, contests, exercises, and drills. The time may be split between the field courts, beach courts, and even the water court.

campers play water volleyball in the shallows of the lake
5:30 PM

Free Time

Campers can jump in the lake, swim out to the rafts, dive off the docks, play water basketball and any other activity that involve the water and splashing around. Land options abound as usual - badminton, tetherball, frisbee, basketball, volleyball, gagaball, and a host of other games in a wide range of effort levels.

Campers swimming around a floating dock with a waterslide
6:00 PM

Dinner buffet

After a full day, a big healthy meal to recount stories & share experiences hits the spot. The salad bar & fruit bowl are always open to augment a meal, and the hot entrees like spaghetti & meatballs or ham & sweet potatoes satisfy campers of all ages. Want to be first in line for dessert? --use the vocabulary word of the day in a sentence to get dismissed earlier.

Campers eating dinner at a long table in a wooden dining hall
7:00 PM

Evening Activity

The whole camp comes together for big field games in the evening while some campers choose to eat s'mores and play relaxing games by the fire. Many campers eagerly anticipate Capture the Flag and Manhunt played toward the end of the week. Relaxing options like a kayak trip and campfire games are offered every evening along with a few smaller games and sports.

Campers playing capture the flag
8:00 PM


Everyone gathers around our big campfire for an evening of camp songs, awards, readings, dances, and competitions. Adventurous campers will make many trips to the stage and back and watch from their log bench during the voluntary activities. At the end of the night, campfire points are totaled to determine the winning cabins. Parents are invited to the campfire on the final night of camp.

Campers singing around a roaring fire sitting on log benches
9:30 PM

Lights out

Time to recharge for another day. Taps played from the trumpet on the dock marks the end of the day. Fall asleep to a classic story read aloud to the entire cabin. After reading a few chapters, the counselor too goes to sleep, and the waves, loons, and breeze become the only sounds left.

Waterfront and docks in the evening