Short Hike to Panther Pond Overlook | Slovenski Camps
Short Hike to Panther Pond Overlook | Slovenski Camps
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Short Hike to Panther Pond Overlook

Minimum Grade: 4

This 2.5 mile hike starts just 15 minutes from camp. The trail climbs up 623 vertical feet to give great views of the local geography. Campers can see the camp property and Panther Pond from the top and an overlook on the way. Crescent Lake and Sebago lake are visible too. The hike is mostly shaded and cool. The trail is fine to hike in sneakers, but boots might be a good choice too. This is our shortest trip. It is good for younger campers to get off the property and go for a longer hike without missing any meals or needing to deal with any logistics. While a waterbottle might be helpful, it is by no means necessary.

Approximate Schedule

2:30 Pack Up
2:45 Depart in van
3:00 Arrive at Bri-Mar Trailhead
3:15 Start Hiking
4:30 Summit
5:15 Arrive back at parking lot
5:30 Arrive back at camp

Due to weather, hiking conditions, trail closures, group size, and group speed, the schedule may be altered considerably. This schedule is meant to give a rough idea of the scope of the trip and the basic plan, not provide a real itinerary