Overnight at the Cove | Slovenski Camps
Overnight at the Cove | Slovenski Camps
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Overnight at the Cove

Minimum Grade: 5


Campers pack up their sleeping bags and kayak a half mile to the cove after dinner. After setting up camp, they have a peaceful campfire to relax with friends and enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors. They get to choose to sleep in the tent with a screened ceiling or out under the stars! When the sun wakes up the group in the morning, they pack up, rinse off in the lake if they want, and kayak back in time for hot breakfast in the dining hall. Boys and girls take separate trips. Boys will go one night, and girls another. We do not know which day of the week the trip will happen because of weather and other camp events. Two counselors go with a group of up to 8 campers. If you forget to sign up ahead, you can register at check in if there is still space.

Approximate Schedule

First Day
6:45 Pack Up
7:00 Depart in Kayaks
7:45 Arrive at Cove
8:00 Setup Camp
8:30 Campfire
9:30 Bedtime
Second Day
7:00 Wake up
Optional Swim
7:15 Cleanup & packup
7:30 Depart for Camp
8:15 Arrive back at Camp
8:30 Breakfast in the dining hall

Due to weather, hiking conditions, trail closures, group size, and group speed, the schedule may be altered considerably. This schedule is meant to give a rough idea of the scope of the trip and the basic plan, not provide a real itinerary