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Camp Facilities

Camp is nestled in a wooded peninsula with amazing natural beauty. Shoreline trails offer classic Maine views. The Maine summers provide the perfect weather for distance running, usually remaining between 70 and 85 degrees. Our large field has plenty of room for stride drills, our beach is sandy and perfect for low-impact sprinting, and our trails are the best both for their great views and interesting variety. Camp is a few miles from downtown Raymond which allows us to do a weekly run to the famous ice cream shop "The Mosquito".

Scroll around the grounds until you feel at home


Campers run through miles of classic Maine woods trails on our peninsula and nearby around the lake. Many trails follow the shore for the best views of the water and the opposite shore. Several loops intersect for convenient ways to add or subtract to a run. We have several hill workout loops with a few good ups and downs, and spyglass hill at the cove provides a longer slope with a great view across the lake to Rattlesnake Mountain, where campers kayak and run near the end of the week.


Open swim is never dull with a water trampoline, floating toys, water basketball, and numerous docks.


Most cabins feature built-in pine wood bunks with storage shelves built in between each set of beds.


Our buffet style serving line always features a vegetarian option on top of a well balanced meal and friendly servers.


The natural beach is flat, wide, fifty meters long, and composed of fine golden sand that makes it a great site for swimming, beach volleyball, D-Day invasion, and sand castle building. The beach is bordered by great shade trees under which there are beach chairs that provide a beautiful setting for reading.


The forest trail system is used for tennis ball fights, guerilla warfare, nature hikes, and capture the flag. Trails traverse the peninsula and follow the shore of the lake providing spectacular views.

Lakeview from behind maple leaves

Dining Hall

The dining area is the oldest building at camp. It sits on the water's edge, and the reflections of sunlight dance on the ceiling at breakfast each morning.

Campers eating in the dining hall

Carlson Colosseum

The Colosseum is a huge indoor space ideal for volleyball, floor hockey, indoor soccer, baseketball, small dodgeball games, and our weekly trivia night. It is also our storm shelter in case of high wind or thunderstorms.

Dodgeball in the Colosseum


Our campfire area is located right next to the lake. It seats over 150 people on large log-style benches. Our dance floor is the site of many competitions, performances, and dances.

Campers gathered around the campfire

Boys' Cabins

The boys' cabins all lie within 150 feet of the water. They feature large screened windows for excellent ventilation, and cozy wooden construction for a real camp feel.

Fronts of boys' cabins

Girls' Cabins

The girls' cabins are on the opposite side of the main lodge. They are all within 50 feet of the water.

Fronts of girls' cabins

Sport Courts

Volleyball, basketball, badminton, and tetherball are fun free-time options.


Most of our bunks are built of white pine along the edges of the cabins to give campers proximity to the windows.

Campers reading in their bunks

Picnic Tables

The area outside the dining hall has several picnic tables for those campers who prefer to eat outside.

Picnic tables in front of the dining hall

Reading Hour

Campers have one hour each day to work on summer reading.

Campers reading in their bunks

Board Games

During rainy periods, the camp offers a number of activities including some more relaxed games from our collection of board games.

Board games stacked in the dining hall

More Indoor Games

Our main lodge features ping pong, foosball, and bumper pool.

Campers playing foosball in the Maine Lodge

Camp Meeting

Campers meet at our log-style amphitheater between each activity period to hear the next set of fun choices.

Campers meeting in the amphitheater

Water Tetherball

A wet twist on an old camp classic.

Campers playing water tetherball

Water Sports

Open swim is full of fun options like water basketball.

Campers shooting hoops in the water

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