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About Maine XC Running Camp

Individual runners and teams will have a great summer training experience at our old school running camp. Campers will build a solid mileage base on beautiful lakeside trails, and develop a more efficient stride with the help of technique drills.

The Maine Cross Country Running Camp is a balanced week of intense training, core mileage, information sessions, and proper recovery, stretching and injury-prevention drills. The camp stresses the character-building aspect of running, bolstering runners' spirits of self-reliance and work ethic. We see distance running as a way of life that can help campers achieve healthy bodies, tough minds, and lifelong friendships in addition to important achievements and trophies.

The camp will emphasize base mileage and strength workouts for summer training. Most of the miles will be run on the soft surfaces of forest trails. Campers include runners of all abilities from all-star high school runners to runners who are just getting started in the sport. We have seven different levels of training groups available during every session. Runners will also have the option of participating in a hill workout and a tempo run during the week.

Daily lectures from current college runners will include topics such as cross training, core strengthening, warming up for races, and race tactics.

Cross-training options will include jump rope, medicine ball drills, swimming, kayaking, core exercises, splitting wood with an axe, volleyball, and swimming 400m to an island in the lake (optional and must pass a swim test first). Camp staff members will also teach campers how to run in the water.

Camp Philosophy

Slovenski Camps believe in helping campers learn what we call the liberal arts for children: swimming, dodgeball, capture the flag, singing, dancing, paddling, sailing, reading, manners, thoughtfulness, and cleaning up after ourselves. Summer camp should be a place free from the distraction of glowing screens. Campers will learn to have fun the way their parents and grandparents did — playing outside. They will engage in unique, exciting activities that teach real-life skills such as mental toughness, how to work alone and in teams, how to quickly adapt to new rules and conditions, and how to defend yourself with Nerf weapons.

In the fun of competition campers will create new friendships. Our carefully selected staff is trained to inspire fair play, good sportsmanship, bravery, and exercise.

Campers sing around a campfire at slovenski camps

A day at camp includes games, education, and exposure to the arts including classic literature, music, dance, and poetry. Camp also includes free time periods similar to the freedom children have during school recess or while playing with friends in the neighborhood.

Each evening concludes with a campfire that features contests, singing, dancing, recognition, stories, and encouragement for good standards of outdoor living and self-reliance. “Thoughts for the Day" are read aloud at campfires each night, and include wisdom of the ages such as George Washington's "It is better to be alone than in bad company", and "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" from the Book of St. Matthew.

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Who We Are

The Slovenski Family has been in the summer camp business since 1987: "We love camps. We are excited to show you what an incredible experience we can give your child."

Owner Peter Slovenski or "Coach" has been a high school and college track coach since 1982. He has been running educational, fun, and safe camps for over 30 years.

, director, lives in Nashville, TN with his wife Courtney, son Sawyer and daughter Daisy. He teaches high school math, physics, robotics, and engineering at University School Nashville. Steve graduated from Princeton University where he founded a club for dodgeball, laser tag, and other active events. Steve has a Masters in Education from Vanderbilt University and has been teaching and directing Slovenski Camps since 2010.

The Maine Lodge with the lake in the background on a fall day

Dugan Slovenski, owner and 'Camp Mom', is a mother of three boys. She is "outnumbered, but not outsmarted". She is an experienced SAT tutor and former high school math teacher.

Paul Slovenski, associate director, is the father of three girls and a former athletic director at Bay View Glenn School in Toronto. Paul has years of experience supervising waterfront activities to ensure maximum safety.

, director, is a graduate of Princeton University where he broke the Ivy League Pole Vault record and ran the school dodgeball tournament. Dave coached track & field at RPI before teaching math, physics, and robotics at Choate Rosemary Hall and then Franklin Road Academy. When he’s not at camp, Dave lives in Nashville, TN with his wife Ieva and son Henry.

Jim Brennan, Director of External Affairs, is an alum of our predecessor, Camp Hawthorne. Jim coordinates alumni activities, lives on the lake and can often be found teaching sailing at the camp.