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Swim Lessons | Slovenski Camps

Swim Lessons

New swimming program for summer of 2022

Campers wishing to learn to swim or to improve their strokes may take swimming lessons. We have a shallow lake with a gentle approach and sandy bottom. Campers can wade into the water and practice strokes where they can touch the bottom. The water usually heats up to 80 - 82 most summers, with the warmest water in August. Lessons are usually offered twice per day: once in the morning and once in the afternoon; depending on interest and weather we may have fewer or more lessons. Parents wishing their kids to participate in the swim lessons instead of choosing other activities can talk to Coach Slovenski at drop off, and we can be sure your child goes to swim lessons. Otherwise, the lessons are open as a normal activity option, and campers could choose a swim lesson or another activity such as volleyball, hiking, or basketball.

All campers take a swim test at the beginning of camp. The test involves swimming 50 yards, submerging & orienting, and treading water for 2 minutes, before swimming 10 more yards. Campers who do not pass the test are not allowed in the deep end of the swimming area or on the inflatable toys in deep water. During the test, we identify weaker swimmers and encourage them to take lessons throughout the week to improve their stroke. We are also happy to help competent swimmers become more efficient and stronger.

Our waterfront is staffed with LifeguardPRO or Redcross certified lifeguards.