Hawthorne Beach Club

Club Rules

The Hawthorne Beach Club is looking forward to its tenth season of operation. Membership prices will remain the same as they were last 9 years. The Beach Club is operated by Hawthorne Beach Club LLC.  Boaters who would like to use the beach can obtain permission by registering and paying through this web site.

Fees for 2022 season pass to Hawthorne Beach:

Hawthorne Beach is part of a children’s summer camp property.

Town Rules

Boats are asked to approach and depart at moderate speeds. Maine state law enforces a safety zone within 200 feet of shore. From the Town of Raymond web site:

“This safety zone is in effect near ALL shorelines, even around points, islands, coves, and on rivers. This law exists for two primary reasons:

Safety. The zone 200' from shore is the area where swimmers and small boats are most likely to be present and where a boater operating at high speed might not see them. (But there may be swimmers anywhere in the lake at times, so please do keep a careful watch.)

The Environment. The 200' zone helps reduce the environmental impact of boat waves, reducing erosion and protecting the delicate shoreline habitat of species like nesting loons."


Insurance regulations:  Swim at your own risk. No lifeguard on duty.
Environmental regulation: No bathrooms on the beach. When someone has to go to the bathroom, boaters have to return home.
Visits should be of a reasonable length less than 4 hours.
Dogs are allowed, but must be either on a leash or in your boat. Dogs may not be running loose to disturb other beach guests or bird nests. Owners must clean up after them.

We look forward to another summer of access by permission to this beautiful secluded and supervised beach.