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We require two forms from each camper - health and release.

The health form requires a physician's signature and includes relevant information for our nurse to have. We have a nurse on staff living at camp working under doctor's orders. If you are unable to complete our health form in time for camp, you may bring a copy of a school physical form / athletic participation form, so long as it has a doctor's signature. You can download the blank form now. Print it out and turn in to your doctor for a signature.

The release form covers several topics and requires a parent / guardian signature. The form can be signed at check in, but it is easier if you download and sign it ahead of time. Like the health form, you will be able to download it from this page starting in April. The completed form can be uploaded through your profile or printed and brought to camp. Do not mail your release form.

Download the Health Form

Download the Release Form

Do not mail forms.