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Employment Information

Application Timeline

Applications will be accepted with rolling hiring. Applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. To apply, please click on the "apply" link in the top right of the window. If you do not hear from Rocky in a week, email rocky@slovenskicamps.com to follow up.


Junior Counselor

Junior counselors are at least 16 years old by the first day of camp and have not yet graduated from high school. In addition to working with the campers, junior counselors will be on a cleaning crew helping with the daily maintenance of the camp facilities.


Counselors have graduated from high school. They will work with campers and also have a special assignment such as security patrol, social media contributor, or lost and found coordinator.

Office Assistant

The office assistant will have strong recommendations showing an ability to complete academic type tasks quickly and with minimal supervision. This position will include work with campers but will also spend 3-6 hours each day on administrative tasks such as cabin list organizing, ordering, and e-mailing. The office assistant is expected to live in a camper cabin and have normal counselor duties, including bedtime duties.

Assistant Waterfront Director

The assistant waterfront director must have several years of lifeguarding experience and excellent references showing maturity and attention to detail. They will be at the waterfront most of the day. Basic knowledge of sailing and windsurfing is preferred. Applicants must be 21 years old. Valid lifeguarding certification required.


The camp driver oversees & operates the shuttle to the airport and bus station. This often involves early morning or late night trips. The driver often needs to run other errands for camp such as trips to the post office or walmart. Applicants must be 21 years old and have a clean driving record. The driver is a normal counselor when not on a trip, and lives in a camper cabin with normal duties.

Maintenance Assistant

Responsibilities of All Counselors at Slovenski Camps


Being a counselor at an overnight camp is a demanding job. Counselors will have very little time to themselves during the camp week, which runs from Saturday afternoon until the next Saturday morning. Counselors will be around kids all day. Do not apply for this job if you do not enjoy being around kids. All counselors reside in a cabin with campers.


Counselors will take attendance for their cabin (8-12 campers) at every meal, cabin clean-up, rest hour, campfire, and bed time. You must get to know all the kids in your cabin by name within the first day of each week.

Meal Times

Counselors will sit with campers during meal times, spreading out in the dining hall to make sure that no group of campers is eating unsupervised. Counselors will leave the dining hall when the campers around them leave. Campers tend to eat quickly, so many counselors find their meals a little rushed compared to eating with adults.

Reporting for Duty

Counselors will report to Rocky, Coach, Tarzan, or the head counselor for duty whenever they are unsure of what they should be doing. Most work will involve leading activities, coaching, or supervising free-time. Some of the work will be manual labor, such as raking or carrying lumber.


Counselors who are strong swimmers & comfortable with the responsibilities of lifeguarding will take our lifeguard certification course in June. Lifeguards need to bring their own polarized sunglasses and swim goggles with them to camp.

Night Responsibilities

Counselors will be on bed-time duty 4 nights during the camp week. This means coaching the campers into bed, reading aloud for 15-20 minutes, and then remaining in the cabin until breakfast. Counselors not on night duty are still required to help with bed time in the cabin, but may leave once the on-duty counselors begins reading and the campers settle down. Counselors not on night duty must return to the cabin by midnight and sleep there, unless they are on time off and have left campus.

Time Off

Counselors will receive 36 hours off during a normal work week. The time will depend on the camp and schedule, and may not be the same every week.
During a normal day, there is little free time. When counselors do not have specific duties, they are still expected to be out and about with campers or checking with administrators for what is next.


The camp curfew is midnight. This provides the minimum of 8 hours of sleep before the next camp day starts at 8am. Counselors on time off still must go to bed at midnight if they choose to stay on campus. The security counselor will lock the gate on the road at midnight. A few administators and head counselors may be up past midnight to enforce the curfew or lock up.

Junior Counselor Position Details

Cleaning Crew

Junior Counselors or JCs must be on a cleaning crew. Crew options are:

Crews typically perform their duties 3 times per day, usually just after each meal time. After finishing the cleaning, JCs report to the head counselor for other work, either assisting with an activity, lifeguarding, or some manual labor as needed.


JCs have a curfew of 11 to leave off from counselor games and be in their cabins by 11:30. As 16 & 17 year olds, they need a lot of sleep. If you think you need less sleep and deserve to stay up later, you are not mature enough to work for us.

Counselor Position Specifics

Special Assignment

Senior Counselors all have a special assignment that they work on somewhat independently. Administrators notice when these tasks are done well, and they notice when they are not done. They will not micromanage the performance of the special assignments; rather, administrators will evaluate you on your initiative without critiquing this much. Many of the special assignments are decided in the first week of camp based on your skills & interests and the needs of the camp. A few assignments we always need are listed below:

Special assignments are performed at varying times based on the job.

Organizational Responsibility

Senior Counselors also have an area of camp for which they are in charge of cleaning and organizing on a regular basis. Each counselor is assigned to an area, typically one that they use regularly. Most of the zones are listed below:

Counselors are expected to not only clean their areas regularly, but to advise other counselors who use the area how to put equipment back. This task will not be micromanaged, but the administrators will take note of the cleanliness of the areas throughout the summer.


Senior Counselors have a curfew of midnight. Counselors may not be out and about campus after midnight. The camp gate closes at midnight. All off duty counselors must be in their cabins by 12:30, which gives 30 minutes from the end of hangout time to brush teeth, shower, and settle down to sleep. The camp day starts at 8:00am, so going to bed past midnight does not allow for adequate sleep. Sleeping through breakfast is not allowed, since we need counselors eating with the kids.