Program Information | Dick Fosbury Track Camp

We will have outstanding sessions of instruction for all track & field events except hurdles

Events Offered

  • High Jump
  • distance & md
  • triple jump
  • long jump
  • sprints
  • pole vault
  • shot put
  • discus
  • javelin
  • Instruction notes:

    The Dick Fosbury Track & Field Camp is designed to strengthen athletic skills and build a winning attitude. Top technical coaching is the heart of our program, but we also emphasize discipline and sportsmanship.

    We have more spirit and character than other camps because our staff spends more time with the campers. Our staff enjoys the discipline of camp life. Campers can converse with the coaches during meals, free times, and during other activities such as swimming periods or kayaking trips.

    Campers are free to choose between events during each of the event sessions. Athletes may work on as many events as they want, or to specialize and focus on one. There is no advanced signup for each event session; events are dismissed from the camp meeting and anyone can go with any event they choose. Campers are encouraged to try a new event if they are interested.

    Shot put, discus & javelin usually group together for warmups and strength training, and then split up for practice.

    Distance & middle distance usually train together, with highly variable workout groups doing different mileage & paces. The distance group has an excellent set of runs and trails to explore during the week.

    A typical event session will start off with a warmup in which campers learn a series of drills, exercises, and dynamic warmups to help their technique, strength, and flexibility improve. Then they will practice technique through several drills, games, or activities-schedule. After that they might complete some full jumps / throws / runs, before moving onto some strength or speed training. After cooling down, coaches usually lecture on a topic such as technique, nutrition, strength training, or competition procedure.

    Between event training sessions and scheduled activities, campers have free time with a variety of traditional camp activities including swimming, badminton, tetherball, basketball, volleyball, and more relaxing activites such as board games, reading on the beach, ping pong, and cornhole