Facilities | Dick Fosbury Track Camp

Rustic facilities go hand in hand with the indepence required to succeed in track & field. Outdoor living at camp builds character and forges mental toughness. Trips to a nearby track provide the facilities needed to practice High Jump, but other events can stay at the camp.

The high jumpers will go to St Joseph's College outdoor track. It is 15 minutes away from camp.
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When not at the track, high jumpers can do drills on the camp field, train in the Rocky Gym, and cross train in the water.

Pole vaulters practice on a raised runway and an extra large pit located right on the camp property. There is ample shade and grass for drills. Rings, bar, ropes, and other gymnastic equipment is there for strength training.
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The sprinters will do most of their training on the camp field. They will also make good use of some hills for up & downhill sprints, the beach for sand running and plyometrics, and the lake for cross training. The Rocky Gym provides weight training and a variety of other exercises. Pictures
The throwers make broad use of the camp facilities for strength & conditioning. They spend much of their time in the corner of the field by the cement throwing circle beside the Herculaneum garage, but use the Rocky Gym, field, hills, and beach for various training.

A grass runway into a sawdust pit is a wonderful old-school way to practice the horizontal jumps in the summer. The softer approach is easier on shins & legs, while allowing for more repetition and technical improvement. Jumpers can use the field, mats, lake, and sandy beach for other drills.

A nurse or EMT and WFR will be on the staff, and there is a dedicated infirmary for treatment. Raymond Redicare clinic is 3 miles from camp, Raymond Rescue is 1.5 miles away, and Bridgton Hospital is 25 minutes away.