Covid | Slovenski Camps
Covid | Slovenski Camps

Covid & Camp

In 2020 we had a safe summer with ZERO confirmed COVID cases. Thank you to all the parents who trusted us with the health and safety of your children. We take our committment to your kids very seriously, and in weighing the tradeoffs of various precautions with the mental and emotional well-being of our campers, we have formulated the following plan:

Plan for Summer 2021:


For 2021 we will require all campers to arrive with a negative COVID test taken within 3 days of camp OR proof of vaccination. We believe this will give us the ability to safely allow campers to return to a much more normal summer camp experience - something they desperately need right now.


We will be monitoring Maine's summer camp guidelines for recommendations regarding masks. For children’s programming, we believe in using testing, distance, fresh air, hand-washing, and cabin cohort grouping as often as possible to minimize required mask-wearing. We will do everything we can to help campers have a safe summer camp session without the need to wear masks very often.


We worked hard in 2020 to include safety with the joy and mental health of the campers. We follow all the required guidelines. There are many choices outside the guidelines that camps must make. If you have concerns about the choices we will make, and how we will conduct the camp program, it may be best to refrain from sending your child to camp this summer. We believe that children who go to camp deserve a chance to play outside and enjoy the company of friends. We have confidence that they can do this safely at our camp. We love having your kids at camp but if the thought of them being at camp creates stress for your family, then it is not a good match for this summer.